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Meet The HACKcelerator’s 2018 Startups

Aug 29, 2018 11:35:28 AM / by Shanen Lautan

Meet The HACKcelerator's Newest Batch of 2018

As our Global Hackathon Series continues to evolve and get bigger and better, so do the winning projects that enter into our HACKcelerator program!




This year we have more startups than ever before who have embarked on the program, ranging across all different categories. Notably, 17% of this years batch is in healthtech, 12% in agricultural or environmental tech, and 7% in fintech.


Over the next twelve weeks they’ll be put into intense preparation through our rigorous program. Taking their hackathon prototypes to another level with the guidance of our team, mentors and speakers.


All their hard work becomes worth it once they become the next great startup AND showcasing their work for investors and the Bay Area tech community at Global Demo Day in San Francisco!


Last year’s winner, Goin from Barcelona, is booming as one Spain’s top fintech apps. Which startup will be victorious this year? 🏆


North America Startups

Cobbl 🚦


Cobbl shows the applicable parking rules based on your current location and time, helping you reduce stress and parking tickets.


Etherball 🏀

Los Angeles

Etherball is the first completely digital sports league where basketball players, as registered Blockchain tokens, are unique, tradable, and non-fungible financial assets which grow and develop through tournament-style leagues with Ether prizes.


ErgoFix 🚶‍♂️


ErgoFix is creating weight-sensing devices that actively notify users about their posture.


Pigeon 🐦


Pigeon is an RTC plugin empowering business productivity by integrating smart analytics and AI into video and call conferences.


Code2Shop 👩‍💻

Silicon Valley

Code2Shop aims connect coding education and brands to create an incentive-based coding program that is fun, inviting, and effective.


Piece of Mind 😌

Washington D.C

Piece of Mind, empowering caregivers and patients with a wearable solution to reduce the risks and stress associated with Alzheimers.


Seeyia 👾

Los Angeles

Seeyia allows users to see the world from different perspectives to allow for the building of community, sharing, communicating and learning.


Learn with Me ✍️


Learn With Me offers coding-mentorship-as-a-service, curating the litany of fragmented coding resources into a comprehensive curriculum complete with one-on-one coaching at the fraction of the cost of traditional coding schools.


OneArc 💎


GEMSS, a one-stop resource centre for victims during and in the aftermath of a disaster.


DarkWire 😈

Los Angeles  

DarkWire is an app that alters your voice while you are calling to keep you 100% anonymous while keeping all the perks of regular phone conversation.


Dance Battle 🕺

San Francisco

Dance Battle is a platform that challenges friends to dance battles and is scored by AI.


Mealtor 🍽

Washington D.C.

Mealtor anticipates what and when you want to eat and automatically orders delivery before you miss a meal.


Latin America Startups

Blank MIA 💻

Mexico City

MIA is an intelligent medical assistant that connects patients with medical personnel and their relatives, also helps hospital improve their logistics and gives the patient the best experience in the healthcare ecosystem.


HumanLEDs 💃


HumanLEDs lets people join the show through massive choreography with the screens of their cell phones: forming figures and digital animations up to the size of a stadium.


Empathy 🧠


An AI based mentor to guide students in their Technology Learning Process according to their needs, knowledge and interests.


Atatwo 💵


We are building a new kind of financial scoring system while giving out advanced marketing tools like prepaid cards and loyalty programs for small and micro businesses, democratizing the access to advanced marketing.


Valiu 📈


We make it possible for people to send and request remittances at the best rate possible, to and from countries with hyperinflation, through a fast and secure platform.


Desfrute 👵🏻

Sāo Paulo

Desfrute connects their community of active elders with relevant and reliable suppliers.


Vocify ☎️


A service that identifies phone call fraud through speech to text conversion, natural language processing and machine learning techniques.


Asia-Pacific Startups



IMPOQ is an online social savings platform that provides ordinary people a realistic

and alternative method for saving money.


Dr.Health Check 👩‍⚕️


Dr.Health Check offers appropriate illness treatment for people with busy lives.


Donedogi 🐶


A shareable blood bank, which ensure dogs to get blood transfusion whenever it’s needed with lower cost for dog owners, and provide marketing tool for veterinary.


BrandCap 📸

Ho Chi Minh

Brandcap rewards its users with vouchers and discount codes everytime they use public transportation.


Spaceable 🏬


Spaceable is a space sharing application that allows people and businesses with underutilized space to connect to those looking for space to complete important, meaningful tasks.


Susanos 💊


Susanos created a diagnostic and drug suggestion chatbot that helps sick travelers receive the right medicine in foreign countries.  


Echo 📹


Echo is a social networking app that builds creative and temporary communities around a single user’s video content to which individuals echo back, creating a web of inspiration.


ToyHouse 🤪


ToyHouse is a toy subscription box service.


Maker+ 🔌


A platform that allows creatives to customize their designs sell to their customers, without any limitations around quantity and the hassle of managing complex supply. chain.


Dripvest ☕️


Dripvest facilitates a crowdfunding investment connected with a smart marketplace for ensuring justified price practice between coffee farmers and buyers, allowing investors to contribute immediately for a better coffee supply chain.


Chungxe 🚌


Chungxe aims to improve logistical efficiency.


Foundation Energy 💥


Foundation Energy is a modern power distribution and management system that provides an infrastructure for the development of Smart Villages


Pesancinta 📞


Pesancinta is a company that solves cultural issues from communication through the use of technology


South Asia Startups 

Build UP 👷‍♀️


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality based application that helps the builders update the construction status and for the customers to be able to visualize the proposed construction


Rakhi 🙅‍♀️


Rakhi is a wearable device that protects its user in emergent situations like rape, sexual assault or kidnap


Dr.Tech 💳


Dr. Tech provides a service that manages, stores and provide medical records of patients.


NXTclick 📱📲


NXTclick aims to bring targeted advertising to the Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) marketing world, by integrating existing (& future) displays in public areas using Computer Vision and Deep Learning on existing cameras


AFS (Automated Feedback System) 🗣


AFS automatically generates impactful feedback using customer care calls between companies and customers




eMILy is an Artificial Intelligence based application which helps resolve the problem of selecting the best algorithm to be applied on a given dataset in order to achieve the highest accuracy rates. 


Finwice 🏦


Finwice helps you reach your financial goals by analyzing your spending habits and suggesting personalized tips and suggestions on how to save smartly.


PlanMash 👰


World's first smart wedding planning tool which can identify couple's interests using machine learning and suggest them the most suitable wedding vendors.


FreshViz 🍞


FreshViz is developing an end-to-end system to help supermarkets automatically predict the shelf life of their fresh produce so as to reduce food wastage using Machine Learning.


Talking Fingers 👐


Talking Fingers is an Android app which acts as a real-time chat engine translating ASL into English.

Europe Startups 

Greenify  🌿


Greenify is a suite of intelligent solutions for gardening, everything from planting, maintenance to replanting




VUME is a web based presentation, audience interaction and analytics tool for meetings and events


LearnAh! 👩‍🏫


LearnAh! Uses AI to tutor students and help with homework


CropSafe 🌾


A simple online platform utilizing satellite imagery to accurately detect and predict impending diseases within your crops, providing relief solutions directly to the landowner.


CanTeens 🍱


Order Food Through Your Canteen in Less than a Minute


Social Justice 🎮


Social Justice lets you settle petty grievances with friends and family, by suing them before a jury of your online peers, to finally determine who should be in control of the remote ⛑

Cyprus simply donates unused computing power to fund charitable causes around the globe.


FireFinder 🔥


FireFinder is a network of detectors for early detection of fires


Jam3 ♻️


Jam3 is an all female team who designed with the purpose of changing the world by teaching how to recycle properly and raise awareness of the big problem that's affecting the world by rewarding users with coupons and discounts


Qub 👨‍🔬


Qub is a web platform enabling rapid prototyping and collaboration with 3D design

Middle East and Africa Startups

ISeeU Team 🕵️‍♂️

Cape Verde

ISeeU Team brings blockchain tech into charity sectors in Africa to provide transparency of donations to nonprofits.


Corruption Track 🏚


Corruption Tracker Application will be a platform for people to report and track corruption in the government and private sectors.


Tatafo 👨‍🏫


Tatafo is an AI chatbot that provides instant access to resources and information needed by Campus students to succeed with campus life and support after-school plans created by female developers


Gamate 🕹


Gamate is mobile platform that connects and creates a community for gamers across the world. Gamate allows multiplayer game players to create or join on-fly -temporary- teams based on their prefered criteria.


FindFXer 🛠


FindFXer is a platform connecting clients and electrical handyman


Securebase 🔒


Securebase is a mobile application giving everyone the power to secure their own IoT devices and protect their data that allows users to automatically scan and monitor the security of all devices connected to their networks


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