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WARNING: Not knowing how to code can be harmful to your career

Jun 25, 2014 11:45:00 AM / by Troy Petrunoff

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In today’s fast-moving, high-stakes tech field, coding is the most basic, core and essential skill. It is what will allow you take your idea and turn it into reality. And tech companies have so many jobs out there - but not enough engineers to fill them. There is no reason to NOT learn how to code.


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But we get it. You’re busy, there’s no time, it’s hard to balance work with education, and possibly even family. Learning is expensive, too - getting an education often means selling both arms AND both legs, or else eating nothing but ramen noodles for years. Time and money are short, so coding remains out of your reach… until now.


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AngelHack is pleased to announce AngelHack EDU, the best way to learn coding. We take the best of one year’s worth of coding, put it into one month, and teach you things that you will actually use, starting with your very first app using Ruby on Rails. No coding experience? No problem; we teach you from scratch. No time? Not an issue; every minute you’re in class, you’re learning by doing. No money? We offer scholarships for those in need. We’re here for you - we’ve got your back!


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We teach using experiential learning - in other words, “learning by doing.” You’ll work hands-on with your classmates, and your instructor, on building your app. Research has shown that people learn and retain more through hands-on experience, and that’s exactly what we’ll be providing you.


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Of course, there’s still plenty of coding left to learn after you’re done, which is why AngelHack EDU Alumni will also get cool perks like discounts in future courses, access to networking events, and AngelHack’s full support as you embark on your new programming career. We’ve had four exits amongst our graduates - it could happen to you, too. And until that happens, we’ll continue to support your personal and professional development.

We’re kicking off in San Francisco. We're also bringing AngelHack EDU to more cities in the future - let us know if you want us to head your way! Click here for more information, to apply for a spot, and to let us know where we should go next.

Troy Petrunoff

Written by Troy Petrunoff