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AngelHack CEO Sabeen Ali Talks Women in Tech for Crain’s Chicago Business

Jun 25, 2014 12:00:00 PM / by casecase

Source: TEDx

Being a female CEO can be tough - and in the tech world, it can often be tougher than tough and Angelhack’s very own CEO, Sabeen Ali, knows this well. In a recent op-ed for Crain’s Chicago Business, she points out the many challenges facing female CEOs. From getting the respect and attention of male counterparts to dealing with women trying to one-up each other, as a female CEO, it seems like the deck can be stacked against you.



Source: Career Girl Network

It’s especially difficult where there’s a notion that men live and breath their work, so when women sometimes prioritize family over work, they’re held up to an extremely unfair double standard. Having work dominate your life doesn’t necessarily define success - rather, success is defined individually. Your family life can be just as important as your work life and that’s perfectly ok.

But women are not just competing against men - often, it’s against their fellow women. All too often, women sabotage each other and bring each other down as soon as one starts becoming successful.


Source: Washington Post

While there are huge challenges in being a female CEO, they can be overcome if men and women make an effort to support each other. Let’s stop the stereotypes and start listening!

You can read much more from Sabeen in the full article here.

In a bit of awesome news, Sabeen and the AngelHack team will be in Chicago for Techweek. Sabeen will be moderating a panel on women in tech, and AngelHack is powering the Techweek Hackathon this weekend. Be sure to sign up and show everyone that Chi-town is a tech hub to be reckoned with!


Written by casecase