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A Hack Made in Heaven: Congratulations to Todor and Galya on AngelHack’s First Wedding!

Jun 18, 2014 2:00:00 PM / by casecase

Todor and Galya hacking together at TechCrunch Disrupt SF during the HACKcelerator program

When I first met Todor and Galya, they’d flown to San Francisco as a part of our inaugural HACKcelerator program after winning AngelHack Washington DC in Spring 2013.

Their product, called Blurpi, allows any company or organization to easily watermark photos for social media. They’re a cool team, and their product is super useful (you can see Todor's pitch from Demo Day here).


There were a few couples in the program who built their products together and were now incorporating companies together, but Todor and Galya won over so many hearts with their constant smiles. They were so great to have around, always so optimistic and happy.

That’s why, when they came back from a team trip to the Golden Gate Bridge engaged, we were absolutely thrilled! Todor had surprised everyone by proposing during the HACKcelerator!


Galya showing off her engagement ring in the green glow of TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013. The crashed out engineer in the background is proof of where she’s at!


That was last September. This past weekend in Bulgaria, Todor and Galya got married. The ceremony was beautiful, and we couldn’t be more happy for them.

Plus, the HACKcelerator program’s token crazy Brits, John Slade and Nathan Humphreys (AngelHack London’s Spring 2013 winners for their projector solution, Jektabox) flew out from London and attended.



Left: Todor and Galya on their wedding day. Right: John Slade and Nathan Humphreys, AngelHack London 2013’s winners, attending Todor and Galya’s wedding in Bulgaria.

For us at AngelHack, this is why we love what we do so much: technology and the common desire to turn ideas into reality can bring people across the world together in incredible ways.

We see so many amazing stories of friendship and love that begin at hackathons, and this is what makes our work meaningful.

A hackathon might be just a crazy whirlwind weekend, but you never really know the profound impact that time dedicated to learning and building with new and old friends could have on the rest of your life.

Maybe you don’t walk away with the winning prize, but who knows, maybe that new team member you worked with is your future wife!

We can’t wait to see more of our hackers fall in love, make startups and even baby hackers! A virtual toast to Todor and Galya, we wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

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Written by casecase